Business Strategies and Plan

The ultimate goal of SFC Securities Limited is to become a financial super-market in the Nigerian economy and investment gateway to foreign investors into the West Africa Sub-Region; the activities of the group have been modeled towards this goal.

The immediate focus of the company is to build capacity and become a major player in the money and capital market, as well as forex and property management in the economy in light of the evolving activities and high level of awareness by the general public of the benefits associated with investment in stocks, bonds and treasury bills, leasing, real estate and forex management.

Market Development

Our company is well positioned to constantly develop research based products to suit the requirements of our various clienteles, both locally and abroad. We constantly analyse the market where we operate, with a view to capitalising on the inherent opportunities while managing the risk and threats that we encounter in the market place.


The group operation is driven with modern day Information Technology. Our operation is technologically driven to meet up with modern day challenges of on-line real time processes. Technology is deployed as our main business driver to deliver superior and above market average returns to our clients.


15B, Hoseph Harden Street,

(5th Floor) Off Broad
Street CMS,

Lagos, Nigeria



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